A letter of the Lubavitcher Rebbe concerning the requirement to attend Beis Din when called and to encourage others to attend.

The following letter is a response of the Lubavitcher Rebbe to someone who advised him that his friend refuses to attend a Din Torah. He explained to the Rebbe that his rebuke is causing friction between him and the recalcitrant and the latter's family. 

The Rebbe responded:

ולכתבו שזה מביא לסכסוכים עם פ' ומשפחתופס"ד ברור בתוה"ק שזה שאינו רוצה להתדיין אצל מרא דאתרא (עכ"פ בזבל"א) — ה"ה עושה ופועל נגד התורה, שהיא חכמתו ורצונו של הקב"ה, שהוא וחכמתו אחד, ובמילאמזיק את עצמו ואת ב"ב ואת כל המסייעים לו היזק לא רק בעוה"ב, כ"א גם בעוה"ז ובגשם. אלא שהקב"ה שהוא אב הרחמן מאריך לו אףלאיזה זמן, אולי סו"ס יעשה תשובה בחסד וברחמים ויחזור ממרדו בה'. — שמזה מובן ג"כ, שכל מי שיש לו סכסוך עם פ' על הנ"להוא דוקא אוהבו האמתי, וכל המסייע לפ', חבר הוא ליצה"ר של פ', שזוהי אומנתו להסיתו להלחם בתורה ומצוותי'.

(ממכתב כ"ה אייר, תשכ"א)


…concerning this that you write that this brings to quarrels with this person and his family – it is a clear Psak Din in our Holy Torah that the one who refuses to be judged by the Rov (at least in the form of a Zablo) – he is behaving and acting against the Torah, which is the Wisdom and Will of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, that He and His Wisdom are One, and therefore – he is damaging himself and his family members and anyone who is helping him, damage not only in the Next World but also in this world, physically. But Hakodosh Boruch Hu, who is the merciful father, is slow to anger – for some time, perhaps finally he will do Tshuva and return from his rebellion against Hashem. – That from here it is understood as well, that whoever has a quarrel with this person regarding the above – he specifically is his true friend, and anyone who helps this person, is the friend of this person’s evil inclination, which this is its profession to encourage a person to war against Torah and its Mitvos.