In an ideal scenario, the disputing parties should cordially seek the intervention of an impartial Rov or Beis Din to ascertain the veracity of their claims or to facilitate the process of arriving at a fair compromise (cf. Sema 79:31). Since this requires the fidelity and full dedication of the parties to Halacha, this ideal method isn't always attainable, and the only viable option is to pursue a formal Hazmono, which involves an invitation to attend Beis Din.

The commencement of a Din Torah can be instigated through the act of being Mazmin, which involves formally inviting one's disputant or adversary to participate in a Din Torah. 

Alternatively, one can ask a Rov or a Beis Din to send a Hazmono on his behalf. To avail of this service, kindly complete our application form (which is also furnished below) and we will get in touch with you in a timely manner. Fee: $250.

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